Das kann die Phantasie doch wunderbar beflügeln, wenn eigentlich nichts gezeigt werden darf …

IKEA x HAY — Ypperlig Collection (Teaser)

The first look into the collaboration „YPPERLIG“ between IKEA and danish furniture design company HAY. The film abstractly shows the materials that eventually will go into the collection in 2017.
Client: IKEA
Production Company: Kuhl & Solvstrom
Creative Direction: Nikolaj Fremming (Nikextension)
Concept: Mike Wittrup (Barkas), Nikolaj Fremming, Morten Kühl Christensen
Motion Director: Morten Kühl Christensen
Design & Animation: Morten Kühl Christensen
Houdini FX: Morten Kühl Christensen
Art Direction: Mike Wittrup, Morten Kühl Christensen
Sound Design: Kong Malthe, Jakob Littauer

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